'Popuppets' are 'FREE' App Store cartoon pets that you can collect and are fun for all ages and work on both phones and tablets. So download your pet from your App Store and give them a name and off you go ! 

Your pet needs constant care and attention just like any pet.You can feed, wash and play with your pet and watch their cartoon fun. When they are happy they will learn or perform tricks too.

 There are game challenges and puzzles as well which are quite tricky and for most devices sounds and music are available on the click of a button.

Please collect all the other pets in the collection. We will add more pets soon so keep visiting us. They are all great fun and their games, cartoons and puzzles will keep you smiling. 

By the way you will be happy to know you can play anywhere and for free because no outside connections are needed and also nothing personal is accessed on your device.

If you want to contact us for any reason then Email: support@popuppets.com

You can also find answers to our most common questions on the
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page
of this website.


As New Pets arrive we will let you know!

Popuppets has launched 

'Cartoon Pet Kitty Cat'


Cartoon Pet Puppy Dog'


'Cartoon Pet Kitty Cat Kitten'


'Cartoon Pet Puppy Dog Pup'

on to the Apple iTunes, Google Play, Windows Phone and Amazon  App Stores and

they're FREE !!

To find them easily you can search for:


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Check out 'WEBNAB' also published by Popuppets!